Leawood Civic Association
What is the Leawood Civic Association?
The Leawood Civic Association's purpose is to promote and protect the best interests of the Leawood residents.  The LCA has taken the place of the original HOA as a neighborhood civic association, and although Leawood still has officially filed covenants with Jefferson county, our main purpose is not to regulate homeowners, but to enhance and unify the Leawood community experience. Of course, we all have an interest in promoting general adherence to county laws and zoning regulations however the LCA asks that each resident contact Jefferson county directly with questions and concerns in that area.  The LCA is also NOT the Leawood Park Board. The LCA does not handle park maintenance, reservations etc., but you can contact them from our Contact page with questions.  Officially known as the Leawood Metropolitan Recreation and Parks District "LMRPD", they are the taxing entity for our district set up to use our property taxes pay for park maintenance. While the LMRPD is funded by your property taxes, the LCA is funded solely by your membership donations and run by volunteer residents! As a volunteer organization, the LCA does do quite a lot for Leawood, and can do more with your help.
What Does the LCA Do?
  • The LCA maintains the north entrance sign and landscaping at Jay Ct. and Bowles. The LCA pays the electrical bill for the spot lights and coordinates with the county for irrigation and permitting of the entrance.
  • The LCA sponsors many neighborhood activities including the annual Leawood BBQ picnic, Easter egg hunt and Santa party
  • The LCA coordinates 2 neighborhood garage sales and a Clean-Up Day in June with roll-off dumpsters for your trash and debris and a nominal charge.
  • The LCA provides a monthly newsletter to the community to provide information and ongoings, including local advertisers and businesses.
  • The LCA sponsors this neighborhood website and a Facebook page. This website has many features including Member Directory, Calendar of events, Classified ads, Business Directory and more.
  • The LCA also sponsors the Leawood Scholarship Fund which provides a $500 scholarship for 1 or 2 Leawood high school seniors each year!
  • The LCA holds monthly meetings on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm at Leawood elementary, except during the summer months of June-Aug, they are held at Leawood Park . All residents welcome!
How Much Does it Cost?

Your support of the Leawood community can be expressed by becoming a paid member of the Leawood Civic Association and by becoming a board member or volunteer! As a voluntary association our strength depends on residents joining and participating. Your money goes a long way to help keep our neighborhood a popular and fun place to live. The value is tremendous.  However we can also use your time, please let us know if you can help in any way as a volunteer or as an actual LCA Board member. Below are the membership levels and benefits:

Membership Dues:

 Although memberships are accepted year round please remit
by April 30th to receive the full benefits of membership:

 Bronze Member:   $20 to $39   Bronze benefits include discounts on events,
                                                    picnics, neighborhood clean up and garage sales.

 Silver Member:      $40 to $59    Silver benefits include all of the above plus
                                                     2 FREE garage sale listings.

 Gold Member:        $60 to $99    Gold benefits include all of the above plus
                                                      1 Free Load for the neighborhood clean up

 Platinum Member:  $100 +       Platinum benefits include all of the above plus
                                                    guest of honor at LCA Board Christmas Dinner.


How to Sign Up

Whether you want to pay online with a credit card or pay by cash or check first click here or click on Register at the top of the page. Next, choose your membership level, then complete the questions and enter your total payment options. Once complete you will be taken to either pay online or print the invoice to mail in with cash or check. NOTE: If you already have a log in you will need to login first to pay and renew.


 Please attend our monthly LCA meetings!

Our Board has had a hard time doing everything that is expected of us and we could use your help as a board member or volunteer. Not only do we want your input, we need help with the activities and other LCA endeavors, such as the Jay Court entrance maintenance and so on. You do not have to call ahead, just show up. Even if you are not an LCA member and you just want to be more informed feel free to attend. The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm. From Oct-May the meeting is held at Leawood Elementary School teacher's conference room. During the summer month's, June-Sept, the meeting is held at the  Leawood Park pavillion, let your kids play and attend! Contact us or any board member directly for details.